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Lorenzo Favaro

President of ASD SportAnalysis, which was founded with the idea of training its members on the use of technology to improve each athlete's sports performance through Match Analysis.

He is a Uefa B coach with the Match Analyst Video Tactical Analyst qualification issued by SICS. He also holds the Match Analyst qualification from CONI's School of Sport in 2010.

He has been working in the world of Match Analisys in Italy for more than ten years. He has worked with world-leading Match Analysis companies such as NACSPORT, SICS and now DARTFISH for which he is the Italy sales and training manager.

It is responsible for organizing as an external consultant the match analysis activity in professional and amateur clubs through the implementation of specific projects according to the budget made available and the goal the club wants to achieve.

Focuses on finding video filming technology solutions, realization of training and match filming facilities with ip cameras, tracking and graphic animations for clubs, coaches and insiders.

Speaker in Mach Analysis courses in cooperation with training centers and football clubs of different categories.

Last season he organized the match analysis activity for all youth sector teams of FC LUGANO, this year Responsible for the video analysis project of the youth sector of L.R. VICENZA VIRTUS.

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