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From twenty years of experience Professional Institutes, a leading group in vocational training in Italy

sport business academy, Home, Sport Business Academy
sport business academy, Home, Sport Business Academy

training courses in the sports sector

Sport Business Academy

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Before entering the classroom, you will train with the introductory teaching material and through our e-learning platform, available h24. Our teachers are great professionals of the sector and at the end of the training courses you will be able to experience work experience and concrete realization of projects.


Preliminary video lessons on the online platform


Experience in the field with realization of project work


Full-immersion lessons with great teachers


Direct experience of the student in Italian sports teams

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sport business academy, Home, Sport Business Academy

Sport Business Academy
Training courses of excellence

High professional training in world of sport. Sport Business Academy employs professionals with Twenty years experience in the sector, realizing carefully selected training courses, which constitute a valid, rapid and effective tool for enter quickly into the world of work. Providing students with practical and immediately expendable skills is our goal, which we pursue with passion and tenacity.

The SBA paths are born from the identification of the most requested professional figures on the labor market, following an analysis of the requirements that companies are looking for. This allows us to outline the characteristics that can not be missed by the professionals of tomorrow, to be competitive and find the job of their dreams.

A winning training is what you need to succeed in the world of sport. The training path starts from a wealth of knowledge that is not only theoretical, but the result of practical experience acquired in the field, to confront the real work dynamics. The Masters and Sports Business Academy courses are the result of the commitment of professionals who give the 100% every day, to give students real opportunities for professional qualification (or retraining).

courses for football observer

discover talents

He works in search of young talent, to contribute to the start of great careers and to launch the champions of tomorrow on the sports market. If you want to play a fundamental role in sports clubs, choose an excellent training and learn to see beyond appearances, to discover talent even in the most unexpected places.

observe the talents,

discover their potential,

launches young champions.

courses for sports prosecutors

he works as an agent

Assist the players to get them the best possible salary in the big sports teams. Contract directly with the companies by acting on behalf of the players and help the champions of tomorrow to launch their careers. Become a full-fledged sports prosecutor.

intermediate for players,

contracted with the teams,

signs millionaires contracts.

courses for match analyst

creates winning tactics

A sports team is like a living organism: the functioning of each part influences all the others and is at the same time influenced. Learn to read the tactics of sports teams and make new and unpredictable ones. Become a professional match analyst.

watch the matches,

analyze the tactics,

create winning schemes.

courses for football managers

he works in the teams

Live every aspect of the administrative management of a sports team, becoming part of the management or marketing team with an exceptional history behind it. Give your contribution to the success of the group, thanks to your passion and impeccable preparation as a sports manager.

manage the teams,

develop marketing strategies,

leads the team to victory.

courses in sports law

protect the sport

Italian and international sports law is an exciting field, which will allow you to work for large federations, to draft and update regulations and regulations, as well as the legal protection of operators active in the world of sport. Become an expert in sports law.

draft contracts,

follow the procedures,

juridically protect sport.

Main Partner

The Italian and European Academy of Sport

Milan, Rome, Bari. We are present throughout the country and we can boast a dense network of collaborations with partners throughout Italy and Europe, which will allow students to carry out the practical-training internship in established companies in the sports sector.

An academy, many offices.

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